12 de ago de 2015

luv me tinder

It starts with a click, a buzz, a bell, a guitar riff;
and there you are, frozen in time
right above a punch line
smiling back at me.
Every pixel of my body shivers.

And then you like my profile pic,
but I
like to play it safe
and I
never send a heart emoji
on a first date.
I’m not that instagram kind of boy!
But if you check out my tumblr, I
you’ll definitely fall in love!

Unlike the others you matched
my thoughts
cannot be contained
in one tweet,
Look at all…
those books I’ve read,
Look at all…
those things I hate!

Let’s buy a trailer and live in the woods!
I’ll take my Netflix account
And you can take the internet supplies.
Oh, and we can get that liquid happiness
On a supermarket nearby!

And though they’ve put
our names in their cans,
We might
take a sip.

But let’s cut the crap, we are a match! We are a match! and we only got 140 characters; so let’s make the most of our eternity week.

It starts with a click.